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The Apple company has launched the new iPhone SE, which is quite slim and stylish. Have you bought your new iPhone SE? If yes, then we have some hidden tips and tricks of iPhone SE which will help you to use it. And will also make a good impression on a friend. Find iPhone SE 2020 tips and tricks.

We have 10 useful tips and trick for your new iPhone SE 2020

1. Search tabs on Safari App

If you have opened lot of tabs on Safari app and you want to open a specific tab, then this trick will really be effective for you. Tap on the tabs icon and then go to the end and you will get a search bar at the top.

2. Warranty & Apple Care status on settings

You can get status of Apple care and check the warranty on settings.

3. Share Screenshot immediately

Everyone knows how to take a screenshot on iPhone. After taking a screenshot, you can just tap and hold the preview image at the bottom to open the share sheet easily.

4. Exact time schedule

This is a very handy tip if you want to set the schedule to the exact time. Typically, the app has an option to go with a timer of only 5 seconds. But tapping the timer twice will change the option from 5 seconds to 1 second.

5. Discovering similar songs on Apple music app

Most people probably know this tip because it is quite easy to find similar songs in Apple Music. You can create a station by touch a song.

6. Make speakers louder

Got to settings then Music then EQ and then find and tap Late Night. This EQ setting will make it the speakers more louder. This is a simple trick to make the speakers louder without damaging it.

7. Folder Notification

You can 3D touch the folder then it will list the app with all notifications. If a folder contains a lot of apps and notifications, this tip comes in useful. This comes in helpful for the people who use a lot of folders. You want to tap the folder and swipe left or right to see the notification of each app.

8. Fast forwarding

You know very well how to skip 25 sec of a video clip during watch. But you can fast pass on it. Tap and hold the “skip 25-sec” bottom and it will fast forward like avoiding 1 or 2 seconds and this tip will works on apple music also.

9 Ping your lost device with a 3D touch

Pinging a device is useful when you lost your device. Usually, pinging a device can be done by joining the app “Find my iPhone”. But you can ping your device very instantly and easily. 3D touching “find my iPhone” will bring a list of the device that has been linked to your iPhone. Tapping your lost device will ping it instantly.

10. Lower the brightness below 0%

This tip will allow you to lower the brightness and make your screen dimmer than apple allows. It will be very handy when you are in a pitch dark. All you need to do is to go settings General Accessibility Display accommodation and tap Reduce white point.

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