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Whenever we download the files and view websites, we meet up with many file formats. Most are common and frequently used and require special software or program to access, open or use them. Here, we have a list of the file types, along with the applications you will need to get them on your computer, and you will never be forgot about the formats.


.AVI - Audio/Video Interleaved

.CSS - Cascading Style Sheet

.DOC - Microsoft Word Document

.EXE - ExEcutable file

.GIF - Graphics Interchange Format

.HTML/ .HTM - Hyper Text Markup Language file

.JPG/ .JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group file

.MIDI/ .MID - Musical Instrument Digital Interface

.MP3 - MPEG Layer 3 sound file

.MPEG/ .MPG - Motion Picture Experts Group file

.MOV/ .QT - QuickTime Movie

.PDF - Portable Document Format

.PNG - Portable Network Graphics

.RAM - Real Audio Movie

.RAR - RAR archive

.TIFF - Tagged Image File Format

.TXT - Text file

.WAV - Wave Sound file

.ZIP - ZIPped file

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