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Quick and easy 20 Smart Search on Google

You most likely use Google many times a day. But possibilities are unless you're a technology geek, you may still use Google in its easiest form.


You can use Google in limited to typing in a few words. On the other hand, even if you are a technology nerd and can use Google like the best of them already.


The following Google enhanced search tips are based on my personal experience and ideas that I find helpful. I have kept the explanations of the search tips purposely, as you are expected to understand most of these easily by exploring the example from Google in any case. In this blog, you will learn Google Advanced Search and how to search in Google with limited words with Google search tools and these searchable words are very appropriate. It is Google safe search.

Here is an overview of some of the extremely helpful Google search techniques. You will be a professional Google search-er in a moment.

1. Date

Just type Date in google search and you will get the current date with day, month, year, and location.

Smart Search on Google,

2. Time

Type Time in google search and you will get the current time with the day, date, month, year, and location.

Smart Search on Google,

3. Easy Calculation

Type your equation in google search and you will get the result.

Smart Search on Google,

You can also get the calculators directly in google search. You can search for a calculator, mortgage calculator, or tip calculator.

4. Easy Conversion

Yes, you can convert Area, Data Transfer Rate, Digital Storage, Energy, Frequency, Fuel Economy, Length, Mass, Plane Angle, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Time & Volume easily via Google conversion.

Smart Search on Google,

Smart Search on Google,

5. What is Weather?

Want to know the current weather? Just type Weather or Temperature; You will get the current temperature with weather type, precipitation, humidity level & wind speed also.

Smart Search on Google,

You can also search city weather; Just type Weather Mohali City.

6. Currency Conversion

You can see the conversion of 49 types of currency in Google search.

Smart Search on Google,

Currency Code - Currency Name

USD - US Dollars

AED - United Arab Emirates Dirham

ARS - Argentine Pesos

AUD - Australian Dollars

BGN - Bulgarian Lev

BOB - Bolivian Boliviano

BRL - Brazilian Real

CAD - Canadian Dollars

CHF - Swiss Francs

CLP - Chilean Peso

CNY - Yuan Renminbi

COP - Colombian Peso

CZK - Czech Koruna

DKK - Denmark Kroner

EGP - Egyptian Pound

EUR - Euros

FRF - French Francs

GBP - British Pounds

HKD - Hong Kong Dollars

HRK - Croatian Kuna

HUF - Hungarian Forint

IDR - Indonesian Rupiah

ILS - Israeli Shekel

INR - Indian Rupee

JPY - Japanese Yen

KRW - South Korean Won

LTL - Lithuanian Litas

MAD - Moroccan Dirham

MXN - Mexican Peso

MYR - Malaysian Ringgit

NOK - Norway Kroner

NZD - New Zealand Dollars

PEN - Peruvian Nuevo Sol

PHP - Philippine Peso

PKR - Pakistan Rupee

PLN - Polish New Zloty

RON - New Romanian Leu

RSD - Serbian Dinar

RUB - Russian Ruble

SAR - Saudi Riyal

SEK - Sweden Kronor

SGD - Singapore Dollars

THB - Thai Baht

TRY - Turkish Lira

TWD - New Taiwan Dollar

UAH - Ukrainian Hryvnia

VEF - Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte

VND - Vietnamese Dong

ZAR - South African Rand

7. Plan your Vacation and Business Trip with Easy Flight Search in Google

You can easily search the city to city flights from multiple airlines services. You can see all the details about the flights.

Smart Search on Google,

Also, you can see the difference between location with an estimated time for travel if you're taking a flight, bus, train (if available), walking, driving, or riding a bike.

8. Find Hotels

Another useful Google Search trick for the tour is exploring hotels, resorts, guest houses, or inn. This search will help you find a better hotel even if you can see the price of hotels.

Smart Search on Google,

9. Upcoming Events in your City

Just search for an event in your city and you will find the list of upcoming events in your city; Also you can book tickets easily via these links.

Smart Search on Google,

10. Customer Support Information

Get the reputed company’s customer support information. Just time the company name with customer service to get the company customer support phone number.

Smart Search on Google,

11. Get any Word Meaning

You can get a definition of any word in Google search. Just type define before the word.

Smart Search on Google,

12. Easy Translation

You can easily translate any word, sentence, or paragraph with Google Translator. Google can translate any word, sentence, or paragraph in 100+ languages online.

Smart Search on Google,

13. Current Stock Market

Get the current stock price and other financial details about the company in Google search. Just type Company name with stock.

Smart Search on Google,

14. When The Sun will Rise or Set

You can have the time of sunrise or set off in any city easily. Just type Sunrise in Delhi or Sunset in Delhi.

Smart Search on Google,

Smart Search on Google,

15. Timer

Timer in your Google search. It is the default with 5 minutes, and you can also set the time as you wish.

Smart Search on Google,

16. Stopwatch

You can start a stopwatch in Google search.

Smart Search on Google,

17. Find your IP Address

If you do not know what your IP address is, just search in Google IP Address and you will see your public IP Address.

Smart Search on Google,

18. Find your Android Phone

If you lost your android phone and want to find your android phone, then this feature from Google is for you. Yes, you can find your lost, stolen device or you can secure your data from this function.

Smart Search on Google,

19. See the Dates of Upcoming Holidays, Occasions or Festivals

Do not know when Diwali falls this year? Enter the holiday name plus the year to find out its date with a google search.

Smart Search on Google,

20. Get Easy Flight Status by Flight Number

You can find out the position of a flight by searching for the flight number. Plus: If anyone sends you an email about the flight, it will populate with that info too.

Smart Search on Google,

The best search engine in the world

As per my experience, Google provides us better search results & web pages. All over the world is using Google products to make their own business fast and growing even for personal uses. We work on the Google chrome search engine. Just type any word or phrase in Google address bar you will get the exact result. If you want to quick result with previous or old search just save the search pages in search history or you can make them bookmark just one shortcut key (Ctrl + D). Google will give more options to search even you can search anything in Google image search, even you can search anything in Google search engine like any file type description, excel tips and tricks, smart computer hacks, song lyrics & Google app.

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